When you’ve suffered property damage, you’re not required to simply assume that the insurance company is providing you with adequate compensation for the loss. You’re well within your rights to hire a licensed public adjuster. In fact, when all is said and done, you’ll be glad you did.

One of the biggest challenges most owners face when looking at their destroyed property is being so overwhelmed by the destruction, they’re unable to fully process the magnitude of the loss. Most people aren’t fully aware of what the property was worth prior to the damage, so bringing in an impartial public adjuster to access the situation is often the best solution. The adjuster steps in and assesses the full amount of the damage determines what the property was worth prior to the damage occurring, and helps the owner prepare the claim.

Obtain a Better Understanding of your Insurance Policy

Making a property damage claim is more complicated than many people anticipate, and when they need to make a claim, they learn that the insurance policy is more complex than they ever expected. Since many decisions have to be made quickly and require a great deal of specific information, it’s easy to get confused or make a mistake that could result in the claim being denied or you receiving a smaller settlement.

A public adjuster has the training and experience to not only help you understand the exact nature of your insurance policy but to also know the information the insurance company requires when you file your claim. They have the resources and knowledge needed to streamline the process so you quickly get your settlement. A good licensed public adjuster:

  • Provides detailed documentation of the damage your property sustained
  • Helps develop a report about the pre-loss condition of your property which includes valuation expertise
  • Provides answers to the questions presented by your insurance agent

Increase Your Insurance Settlement

Many insurance companies give their clients the impression that the public adjuster isn’t something they really need, that it’s an out of pocket expense the claim won’t cover. Insurance companies work hard to convince their clients that the money would be better used to pay for the deductible.

Insurance companies have a pretty good reason for encouraging their clients to avoid using a licensed public adjuster. Historically, adjusters have a reputation for providing the client with the information needed to procure a larger final settlement.

Protect Your Rights

When you’ve suffered significant property damage, it’s important to remember that your insurance company is a for profit business. Their first priority is making money and they don’t make money when they pay a settlement. Insurance companies look for ways they can deny a claim. The licensed public adjuster is the best way to make sure you have a credible witness who will help you prove your case if the insurance company refuses to pay, and forces you to take aggressive action, such as taking them to court.

Reduce the Risk of Litigation

No one likes to go to court, but if the insurance company decides to become difficult about accepting your property damage claim, you may be forced to file a lawsuit against them. Not only is the lawsuit stressful, but the court process is slow, meaning it could take years before the matter is settled and you can restore your property. Having a public adjuster in your corner virtually eliminates any risk of you having to take legal action against your insurance company. Since the insurance company knows that the public adjuster has no stake in the settlement, they make a witness for your side that the court will favor. Rather than spending tens of thousands worth of dollars on a legal battle, they’re unlikely to win, the insurance company will decide to pay the settlement you’re requesting.

Most people who turn to a licensed public adjuster after they’ve sustained property damage are very happy with the decision they’ve made. Not only do they generally receive a larger settlement, but they find that the public adjuster reduces the amount to stress they experience.

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