Mold Damage Claim

Mold Damage

Whether the mold develops due to climate, flooding, or another property condition – a licensed public adjuster can help you evaluate your options on filing the proper claim with your insurance company in order to receive a fair settlement amount. Don’t forget the burden of from lies solely on the policy holder. The insurance company has their own adjuster why don’t you.

You have recently had some type of water damage in your home or office due to a pipe bursting, roof leaking, or a heavy storm. Hopefully, your insurance will cover the damage. What do you do? First read some information below about mold, because you may not know the implications of water and mold damage.

Molds are a component of a collection of microorganisms called fungi that also includes mushrooms and yeasts. Molds are most recognizable to most people as a type of food spoiler on things such as fruit or bread. Molds are nature’s decomposers in the food chain. Mold requires the following environment to grow:

  • Mold spores (which are always present indoors and outdoors);
  • Temperature range, from 2 to 40 °C;
  • A food supply, which means anything organic such as books, carpets, clothing, wood, drywall, etc.; and,
  • A source of moisture.

The last environment, moisture, is the only real factor to control in most houses.

If allowed to grow inside your house, mold can be a very large problem because it can damage your possessions and it can cause health problems, such as allergic reactions such as asthma or allergic rhinitis, non-allergic reactions such as headaches, and other symptoms [including] lung and breathing infections.

The first thing you can do is call U.S. Claims Adjusters, and report the water damage. You can expect to discuss these questions and issues:

  • Mold Damage Insurance Claim Help
  • How did the water damage occur?
  • Is this damage covered by your policy?
  • Did the damage occur during the period your policy was in effect?
  • Are you reporting the water damage promptly (within 24 hours) to allow quick drying and repairs?

Once U.S. Claims Adjusters has been informed, an adjuster will schedule an appointment with you as soon as possible. An adjuster will review your policy with you and begin reviewing your mold damage. We will do a careful evaluation of your home or office and test the premises of mold. Our knowledgeable adjuster will take photographs, videotape, and inventory of all damaged property to provide the insurance company with as much thorough evidence of loss as possible.

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